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Strategic sourcing formalizes the information collection and utilization process to enable a corporation to take advantage of its combined purchasing power to identify the best market prices and align its purchasing strategy with business objectives. Strategic sourcing is growing more and more prevalent as a result of the digital transformation that is affecting supply chains and procurement processes. It is vital to examine what an organization purchases, who it purchases it from, how much it costs, and how much of it. In contrast to traditional purchasing, strategic sourcing emphasizes the total cost of ownership in addition to the initial purchase price, optimizing the sourcing process through ongoing market research and relationships with suppliers.

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When you work with Shivamtech, you may take use of our aggregate experience and knowledge to add worthwhile abilities to your software development project.

We want to build long-lasting business ties with you and assist you in overcoming your most difficult software development obstacles. We offer our employers a variety of solutions for outsourcing software development. They’re all customized to meet the particular requirements of our partners.

A Dedicated Outsorced Team

  • Earlier, in the development phase, provide performance and manufacturability information.
  • Design can be made more efficiently by eliminating unnecessary weight and material at a lower cost.

Optimal Skillset

  • Agile software development methods and responsive design
  • Automated testing to improve embedded solutions

PoC Development

  • Technical Feasibility
  • CAD and CAE technologies for completely validated and failure-proof design solutions
  • Long-run products that satisfy consumers' aesthetic and practical requirements

On Time Product Delivery

  • Facilitate communication between a variety of building service systems
  • Provide knowledge by learning and automatically recognising problems

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