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Case Studies

Design and Simulation of Silo System

By September 6, 2022March 20th, 2023No Comments

Project Description

Shivamtech was tasked with designing of silo and evaluate strength of Silo under loading of Bulk load, Wind load, Seismic load, Live load and Self weight of system. (As per Dubai and Euro standard)

Our Scope

  • Design development and 3D modelling of silo structure, supporting legs and ladder walkways according to EN 1090.
  • Stairs and stair heads designed in accordance with EN ISO 14122.
  • Grating made of hot dip galvanized steel (EN ISO 1461) as pressed was used.
  • Preparation of part assembly and installation drawing and bill of materials.
  • FEA calculation:
  • Stresses on different components of silo under different load combinations.
  • Load cell capacity evaluation under different load combinations.
  • Buckling Analysis of Shell. Lifting analysis of Silo under self weight.

Static Structural Analysis

Buckling Analysis